Guide to Setting up a Monitoring Station Business for Alarm Systems

Guide to Setting up a Monitoring Station Business for Alarm Systems

The first decision you, as the entrepreneur, have to make is what kinds of alarms your monitoring station can work with. Our advice is to start with a smaller offer of the most sought-after alarm systems, such as wireless or hardwired alarms, or video systems, and then expand once your business takes off. Work out offers for each of them that will also be fair to competitors working in the same general region, but also financially sustainable for you.

Then go to your town hall and ask about all the permits and licenses for an alarm monitoring business. Don’t forget to ask how often they all need to be renewed, and also about the cost. Always keep some track of all the papers that have been processed. Finally, acquire an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the Internal Revenue Service.

Next, you need your capital stored somewhere and available to cover your business’s expenses. First, you need a business bank account in any bank. Afterward, you can present them with your completed paperwork and file for a merchant bank account. Choose your preferred client payment method, be it cash, check or anything in between. Deposit your capital in this account.

Then you will have to choose an office space. Seeing how copious amounts of electricity and electrical wires are involved, you need a sound building with fireproof walls and a backup generator. One whole part of your chosen venue should be signed off to hold the hardware required for alarm monitoring, for easy access as well as easy control of people coming in and out.  Next, you have to cover your future employees by buying insurance which can prevent lawsuits.

Then you need supplies to operate your station. A phone system is a given since you will want to have the police and the firefighters on speed dial. Video surveillance of your workspace and means of internal communication for employees such as walkie-talkies are necessary as well. To keep your business financially viable and sustainable in the long run, make sure to buy only the necessities for each job. Also, you should buy in bulk whenever possible.

Besides everything, you also need employees. Since we are talking surveillance and entering people’s homes, you must do a background check on anyone you wish to employ. You will need technicians to be the go-betweens between the monitoring station and the customers, and you will need at least one on call at all times. You will also need experienced operators to work your hardware at the station, at least two at any given moment.

Finally, you need to advertise your business. This final step in this comprehensive guide will depend on the kind of customers you have in mind for your business. You can do the basics – radio, TV and newspaper ads in the areas you want to work in. You can also establish some discount or special offer to draw people in at first, and then keep changing them to keep it fresh and exciting.

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