Use Your Smartphone To Buy Coffee

Use Your Smartphone To Buy Coffee

We all know how frustrating it to forget your wallet at home when all you wanted to do is get a nice cup of coffee – who has the time to rush back anyway? If you’re in a bind, and for future reference, you can now buy your coffee with nothing more than your phone and the Starbucks Card Mobile app – here’s how:

If you are a Blackberry user, send Go to 70845, and if you are an iPod or iPhone user, create your iTunes account, search for the Starbucks app, and just download it. The installation is done automatically. 

When the installation is complete, you will need to set up your Starbucks account. Fill the required fields and decide whether you want to receive emails from their company. When you finish entering your information, you can fill up the Starbucks rewards program and get yourself a free drink every birthday.

The last step is setting up the payment method. You will need to make a prepaid payment and link your credit card. Making payments with Paypal and any major card is done quickly and works well with the app. You even have the option for setting up your card or Paypal account on automatic payment method. If your balance drops below $10, your card can reload the account automatically to the amount on which you set up previously.

Nevertheless, you will need to check which Starbucks stores accept the mobile card application, but there is nothing to worry about. 6800 Starbucks websites and more than a thousand Target stores with Starbucks now use this app, so there shouldn’t be any problems for finding one nearby. The cashier will scan the code, and it will pop up on your screen after you make your order. Now you can enjoy your coffee without having to bring your wallet.

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