Is A No-Contract Cell Phone Plan Right For You?

Is A No-Contract Cell Phone Plan Right For You?

In today’s world, cell phones are omnipresent. Without a cell phone, life can be difficult since everything is increasingly done through one app or another. The extinction of traditional landlines is here, and new innovations in technology are being made every day bringing us closer to a future run entirely through digital means.

With the digital landscape in constant motion, it seems absurd that the range of cell phone plans has not evolved as well. Cell phone providers generally supply their clients with just two offers: annual plans and no-contract plans.


No-contract cell phones have generally been given a bad rap: they have long been associated with sub-par cell phone models that are generally confusing to use or provide slow service. Well, say goodbye to that stigma! The latest no-contract cell phone plans can help you save money, are lightning fast, and are 100% compatible with your favorite phones.

Here’s what you need to know about the new generation of no-contract cell phone plans.

Why Cell Phone Providers Encourage You To Sign A Contract

You’ve probably weighed the pros and cons of signing into a cell phone contract. However, phone service providers are expertly trained to highlight the pros so that you are inclined to sign. But signing a contract is a huge commitment, as it ties you into paying monthly payments for the next couple of years (at least).

When you’re roped into a contract, your carrier isn’t required to actively work to keep your business. Forget lowering your costs or getting certain features discounted. Not to mention, trying to wriggle your way out of a newly-signed contract is out of the question. It’s difficult to terminate your contract prematurely, but if you do, there are fat fines ro pay and heavy paperwork to leaf through.

The traditional mobile phone plan is engineered to benefit the carriers, but typically doesn’t work in favor of the clients paying for their services. The smartest move is to reconsider your current cell phone plan – is it really benefiting you? Instead, consider a plan without a contract: not only can you save money, but you have more flexibility in your phone options. Eliminating a cell phone contract can fix your problems.

No-contract phones, also referred to as “prepaid” or “pay-as-you-go” phones, allow you the liberty of choosing the plan that is right for you.

Keep Your Phone – No Upgrades Required

In the past, no-contract cell phone plans forced you to choose from a small selection of cheap, antiquated phones with restricted functions. This is not the case today!

Now, you can get a no-contract plan and still use your current phone. No-contract plan carriers accept any kind of phone and aren’t network-specific, giving you the liberty of choice and the ability to save your money. You can use your current phone, buy a new one, or buy a phone secondhand – all phones are compatible with no-contract plans!

Save Sufficiently Without Sacrifice

Ultimately, contracted cell phone plans cost more. What starts with monthly phone payments and service bills can soon snowball into an accumulation of additional activation fees, data overage fees, and termination fees. But gone are the days of being forced into a contract; you can stop paying these pricey fees and cut costs with a quality no-contract cell phone plan.

You can get no-contract plans without data (meaning you’ll only use the phone for calling) for as low as $12 per month, including text messages and more phone minutes than you would probably use. Of course, if you need additional features, you can always pay to upgrade – even with upgrades, you’ll probably save more money than going with a contracted plan. There are even options that allow you to pay only for the minutes you use for as little as $3 per month.

Can’t live without data? You’ll love these savings. No-contract data plans usually go for about $40 per month for data, calling, and texting. Get the same coverage, data usage, and speed as contracted cell phone plans at a much lower monthly cost. Go with a no-contract phone plan and you’ll find you can save money (up to $300 per year or more) while keeping all the same advantages of a contracted phone plan.

Not Sure How To Switch Plans?

It’s simpler than you might think, particularly if you’re about to complete your current phone contract. Sometimes even paying a termination fee to cancel your existing contract to switch to a no-contract plan could still save you money.

First, what kind of service do you need? Will you use your phone for just talk and text? Do you plan on using data to use the Internet and apps? There are many factors to consider before choosing the right plan, so keep in mind budget and coverage area to determine the right no-contract cell plan for you.

The truth is, contract cell phone plan providers usually overcharge their customers, and intimidate by claiming it’ll be too expensive to switch carriers. You deserve a high-quality, affordable plan that suits your needs, which is why a no-contract phone plan could be just the thing for you. With no-contract plans, you won’t be coerced into paying high monthly payments, and you’ll be able to save money. Keep your phone number, keep your phone, and keep using all the features and services you love – for less. Make the switch to a no-contract plan, it’s a no-brainer.