Cutest Dog Breeds RANKED — Which Is #1?

Cutest Dog Breeds RANKED — Which Is #1?

This is, without a doubt, the most important list the internet has ever put together.

We’ll be honest — all of these dogs absolutely melt our hearts — but there can only be one #1 cutest dog breed of all time.

So which is it going to be? Let us know if you agree with our choices!

20) Yorkshire Terrier

These tiny little bundles of joy are so small you can keep them with you at all times!

Whether that’s a day bag or carry-on luggage, your tiny little Yorkshire Terrier is bound to get all the attention no matter where you go.

19) French Bulldog

Is there a single dog with cuter ears than a French Bulldog?

While they’re still just asadorable as they age, a French Bulldog puppy is almost too much cuteness!

18) Golden Retriever

The classic ‘best friend’ dog.

There may not be a dog more responsible for happy childhoods than the Golden Retriever. These dogs are chalk fuull of personality!

17) Dacshund

Their Legs may be too small… their body may be too big… but we don’t care abiut any of that!

That combination makes the Dacschund almost too adorable to put into words (as you can clearly tell here).

16) Samoyed

The smiling Samoyed is picture-perfect.

Just look at that tongue hanging out — who could ever say no to the Samoyed?

15) Shiba Inu

This dog is so popular it’s being turned into a meme!

We don’t care about any of that though — we just love this breed for how stunning it is!

14) Pomeranian

Pomeranians are so cute they almost look like toys or stuffed animals!

Don’t get confuzed though — despite their pint-sized bodies, they are an absolute bundle of joy for anyone who gets to be around them!

13) Bichon Frise

If you’re looking for a mid-sized snuggle buddy, there may be no better option than the Bichon Frise.

Frise means ‘fluffy’ in French, and we can’t get enough of those curls!

12) Dalmatian

Not only stunningly gorgeous, but Dalmatians are famous for helping firefighters and inspiring classic Disney movies

This working dog gets bonus points for being employable on top of being adorable.

11) Chihuahua

Chihuahua’s might be the smallest dog on this list, but they still make our heart so full!

Another dog you can bring with you anywhere, you won’t hear any complaints as soon as people see how cute they are!

10) Labrador

Stop it with those eyes!

Like the Golden Retriever, Labs also belong in the classic ‘best friend’ territory. Hard to say no when you see how amazing they are!

9) Cocker Spaniel

Look at those elegant ears!

There may not be a more regal looking dog on this entire list, and we can’t get enough!

8) Sheepdog

These dogs are famous for herding sheep, but we think they just herded our heart right out of it’s chest.

Not only can they help you get through a tough days work, their love also makes it all worthwhile!

7) Shih Tzu

This traditionally Asian breed is now an international favorite.

Not hard to see why as soon as you lay your eyes on a Shih Tzu — I’m pretty sure my heart just melted again!

6) Pug

There may not be a more meme-able dog than the pug!

But don’t let their clumsiness fool you — they are beyond cute too!

5) Bernese Mountain Dog

Not only can these dogs save lives by finding fallen skiers, they can melt their hearts too.

I doubt you’ll find a single person who wouldn’t love having a Bernese Mountain Dog!

4) Corgie

Look at that playful corgie — just having an absolute ball in the rain

It wouldn’t surprise us if they’re all that playful, because they’re all so cute!

3) Maltese

Look at that smile — just absolutely mesmerizing!

These are great family dogs for kids as you can grow up with them and just have the most loving companion.

2) Beagle

This classic dog is also beyond cute.

Famous in old TV shows, many generations of kids grew up wanting nothing more than a Beagle to call their own. Seeing how cute this one is, we hope they all got their wish!

1) Huskie

Was there any doubt that the #1 on this list would be a Huskie?

From their personality to their stunning looks, there isn’t a more deserving dog breed than a huskie. Plus, if you’ve ever seen a picture of a huskie puppy… you’ll understand why huskies HAD to be number 1!

Last Word

There are so many adorable dog breeds that just about any one of them could have been #1 and we would have no complaints. Bottom line, dogs are one of the greatest gifts this world has ever received.

Which breed is your personal favorite? Let us know how YOU would have ranked the list!

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