Fall Nail Designs That Are Beyond Perfect

Fall Nail Designs That Are Beyond Perfect

There are just so many reasons to love autumn. But this autumn you will fall in love with your nails. It is ideal weather to enjoy fall outings with your family, from heading to the apple orchard to taking a stroll through your local pumpkin patch. The two of the biggest reasons to love fall are Thanksgiving and Halloween. So it’s always exciting to choose nail prints that reflect the season and its secret messages. 

“Your nails are the best form of self-expression,” says Sarah Gibson Tuttle of Los Angeles–based salon Olive & June[1]. Talking about nail art, it’s the ultimate autumnal accessory. What are the colours and designs that are trending in this season?

  • Soft Metallic Sweeps

Let’s find an easy way to transition your tips to fall: Paint the top half of your nails a deep emerald green or navy blue and add a diagonal swoop of gold polish across your nail for a flourishing finish.[2]

  • Pumpkin Spiced Mani

Bring on the pumpkin spice and sweaters. Here comes season rich colour for all of our low-key ladies out there who are looking for something that’s subtly seasonal. Try outlining the edges of your nails in a shiny copper.

  • Rose Mélange Mani

This mélange of pink polish is astonishing. Update your classic look at home, start with a base coat of a creamy rose. Now add a few metallic pink cutics on the tops, bottoms or sides of your nails. Finish with a strip of chunky gold.

  • Scalloped detail

Like jewellery for your nails. Paint a small corner of each tip a rich terra-cotta and outline it in a thin strip of gold.

  • Electric Matte Mani

A cobalt blue nail colour is nothing new. But try adding a matte top coat over it for an elegant overall look. 

  • Ombré Nails

Baby boomer nails are a combination of the classic French tip with an ombre-style gradient to create a bright, mixed appearance. You can play with your favourite colours while keeping it classy.  

  • Cherry Bomb

A mix of reds and purples reminds us of the changing of seasons. This is bold, eye-catching and elegant. Red is always classic this time of year.

  • A warm neutral

Save the pale pinks and creams for another time. This fall, it’s all about a milky toffee, which has the same elongating effects as the aforementioned neutrals but also has the added benefit of warming up your skin as your summer tan gradually fades.

  • A cool grey

The cool and subdued dove grey that’s sharp and easy to wear. These nails look as classy as you’d want for a formal setting. These nude coloured nails are fabulous for those special occasions where you want to have fun but keep it cool.

  • A hunter green

This colour is perfect for those who like to keep it edgy and cool. This shade is surprisingly flattering on all skin tones. A richly pigmented green pops against fair skin and compliments darker complexions. It’s an evergreen shade.

  • Brown Fall Nail Art Idea

Some colours have an indelible connection with autumn and brown is one of them. Brown nail polish is totally in colour this year and it’s so pretty how the brown polish pairs with the glitter. Unique yet incredibly attractive.

  • Fun Dots for Fall

Use amazing dot polishes that are little like sparkles but bigger and give a fun look. Sparkles continue to be a versatile medium in all kinds of ways and we can never get tired of it.[3]

  • As Many Colors as A Rainbow

Purple, blue, pink, red and green are colours that you’d see together in the sky after a rainy day but they may not be the colours that you’d see on many people’s nails and especially not on someone’s two hands, but how the colours blend in an ombre design just works for us.

  • Black Marble 

Black can never get old. Change the mood with elegant black nails. It’s a gorgeous idea for fall formal events.

  • Pink and glitter and whites 

They are all ideal options for your nails on your own, but you can make them work together. The glitter and white polish add to the beauty of the pink ones. So pretty!

  • Rose gold chrome

If you want to make your nails sparkle and bright, rose gold is for you. Eye-catching, bold and feminine, this metallic gold can be the game-changer that you’ve been looking for if you want to take things up a notch.[4]


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