Remote Work: A HUGE Opportunity for HIGH PAY and INCREDIBLE BENEFITS

Remote Work: A HUGE Opportunity for HIGH PAY and INCREDIBLE BENEFITS

There are so many benefits to working from home. Not only do you SAVE TIME and ENERGY by avoiding the long and stressful commute to the office, many remote work jobs are HIGH PAYING. This means that you can pursue your ambitions, have a fulfilling and rewarding career, and live your best life, all from the comfort of your home. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of jobs, careers, and industries that provide the HIGHEST PAY and best BENEFITS for remote work. You too can pursue a remote career with just a few easy steps. 


If remote work appeals to you, you are not alone. So many people have recently realized the amazing advantages of working from home that telecommuting has grown 159% since 2005,1 and experts estimate a 25-30% increase in the number of people working from home one or more days per week throughout the next two years2. Remote work is the FUTURE and the present. The best part is that there are now HIGH PAYING remote positions opening up in ALMOST EVERY career field. 

Computers and Technology

EVERYONE thinks first of computers, technology and IT when it comes to possible work from home opportunities, so it is not surprising that these types of jobs are the first on our list too. It makes sense. Naturally, careers jobs in IT and computers already facilitate the use of portable technology and tend to focus less on shared office space and commuting to a central location. I’m sure you have heard about companies like Apple and Google, which are well known for their progressive approach to working from home.

But you might not know the names of specific roles that translate well to remote work. If you want to pursue a remote career in computer science or IT, you should consider becoming a FRONT END ENGINEER. Front End Engineers are responsible for testing the functionality and user interface of websites, and work to improve the user experience of the digital scape. The fact that most of this work is already done through a laptop makes this a prime candidate for remote work.

For those without as much experience or skill in the IT field, there are many other remote positions open, including entry level jobs. Look for postings that mention DATA ENTRY, WEB DEVELOPER, and VIRTUAL ASSISTANT3. Many companies are currently looking to fill positions such as these with remote workers.

If none of these positions are exactly what you are looking for, but you still want to join the IT field, you should consider taking on online class in IT or teaching yourself the basics of coding and web development. There are many free resources online, as well as books and websites devoted to teaching newcomers the basics of these fields. 


You probably don’t think of healthcare as being a popular work from home profession. Surprise! Online job openings in healthcare are growing. Many medical professionals who can work remotely have started to telecommute when at all possible to keep patients, as well as doctors and care providers, safe from infection.

A 2018 study showed that 96% of healthcare systems had plans to expand their virtual healthcare systems and services.4 In the current climate, as social distancing protocols become more commonplace, one can only assume that these virtual service plans will increase exponentially.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY is one career within the healthcare field that has more easily adapted to the current work from home climate, offering one one one support remotely over the internet. MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING, CVS ENROLLMENT ASSOCIATES, and CHART REVIEWERS are also currently seeing a large leap in work from home opportunities, with job openings in these fields becoming higher in demand than ever before.

The Arts

Fields within the arts have taken a great hit, while others have managed to acclimate better to the new telecommuting environment. Performing arts such as theater, dance, and music have been on the frontline chopping blocks for cancellation in recent months. While this has dealt a huge blow to the community, many performers are turning to social media platforms to offer live-streamed performances or recordings, taking advantage of the ease of which social media can help the transfer to a remote work environment.

Disciplines that have a much smaller focus on social gathering and performance have had an easier time slipping into the remote work domain. If  you are looking for a remote work position in the arts, you will have the best luck with jobs in ANIMATION, ILLUSTRATION, DESIGN, and WRITING. 

Freelance careers in the arts are also on the rise, with many companies facing the need to outsource work and projects as more workplace and gathering restrictions are put into place. While a 2017 study estimated that 36.7% of the U.S. workforce was part of the freelancing community,5 this number will no doubt grow exponentially in the future, making it a very viable option for a work from home career. 

The Future of Remote Work

The benefits of remote work have become readily apparent in the recent global climate, with many previous misconceptions and myths being debunked. More and more companies are creating work from home options within their workplace and offering more opportunities for telecommuting. The rise of freelance as a viable option in conjunction with the remote working climate has shown many that the landscape of the workplace is changing and is no longer strictly ties down to a physical location. Hopefully, this list has shown that there are more opportunities for working from home, and more diversity in career and industry,  than previously thought. There are THOUSANDS of careers to pursue, and the number of those that willing to offer remote work opportunities will only grow in the future.


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