Calisthenics For Those Who Are Above 50 Years Old

Calisthenics For Those Who Are Above 50 Years Old

In the field of fitness, there exist several misconceptions that encourage seniors to participate in minimal exercise activities or discourage them from taking part in the exercise. One reason for this is that seniors have a thought that exercises are not safe for them. They think that when they take part in exercises at this age, they will get exposed to injuries, falls, and breaks. 

However, this is false information. In fact, research shows that the probability of getting injured or falling reduces as you become older. The reason here is that exercises strengthen the muscles, hence minimizing cases of injuries, falls, or breaks. 


If you’re above 50, you need to enroll in the correct training program so that you can maintain your fitness and health.  This article will give you information about calisthenics for those over 50. Calisthenics is a fitness regimen, which plays a crucial role in providing functional strength to anyone willing to learn. 

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What Calisthenics Entails And Its Benefits

Calisthenics and ‘bodyweight training’ are two interchangeable terms. Therefore, calisthenics refers to a type of movement that makes use of the body weight and the Earth’s gravity. 

Examples of the calisthenic movements for beginners include jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups. Performing gymnastics, doing squats, running, and completing various movements such as burpees and lunges are excellent examples of activities using calisthenics. 

Calisthenics offers several benefits to anyone practicing it because you can use it hand-in-hand with other training programs. Also, any individual can complete calisthenics, and it does not need a gym membership. 

What Seniors Can Expect From Calisthenics

Yes, calisthenics has several benefits to one’s physical well-being and mental health, but it provides many more things to seniors. If they do it the right way, seniors can get functional strength needed to maintain their existing muscle mass, increase their stability, improve their posture, and increase their bone density. Also, this functional strength prevents falls, breaks, and injuries and enables the body to fight chronic diseases and other medical conditions. 

How Is This Important To Seniors? 

Loss of muscle mass is a natural thing when one is around 50 years old. This condition is what is called sarcopenia, and it is the primary cause of independence loss and functional decline in seniors. 

This process comes with severe consequences for seniors, whereby it causes mortality, disabilities, insulin resistance, fatigue, and fragility. 

This condition has several causes, but calisthenics can help in combating the one that arises because of the old age. Calisthenics makes this a reality by boosting the senior’s capability of creating, strengthening, and building muscle. 

Other Calisthenic Benefits For Seniors

Calisthenic allows the seniors to enjoy improved coordination after taking part in these movements for around 3-6 months. Other than this, seniors can do calisthenic anywhere, and it has exceptional flexibility when it comes to modification. You can complete calisthenics in the gym, at the park, or from your home. In the case where a push-up becomes too difficult for you, you can decide to use your knees and make it easy or do one against the wall. 

Other than this, you can complete calisthenic even in the case where you have a health issue. Also, you don’t need to set aside your 60 minutes for this workout routine. Ten to twenty minutes are enough to develop your body tone and muscle. Finally, calisthenic is the perfect option for cardiovascular exercise, fat loss, muscle gain, and weight control.

The Best Calisthenic Movements For Beginner-Level Seniors

Chair Squats 

Squats help a lot in strengthening the core and lower body. With these movements, you can get out of your chair with less hassle. Also, they ensure that you find an easy time when taking the stairs and when picking stuff up off the floor. 

Lying Hip Bridges

This movement is the perfect option if you’re after opening the hips up and stretching them out. Thus, this is the right choice if you always sit all day long. Through this, your glutes will be hit the hardest. 

Wall Push-Ups

With wall push-ups, you will increase the chest and arms’ upper-body strength. You will need to do it the right way so that you can enjoy this benefit. 

Calisthenic workout regimens are the perfect option for seniors because of the several benefits they offer. With these regimens, seniors will get an easy way of building their muscles and creating a healthy physical body. Other than this, calisthenics help in creating an environment for increased vitality and independence. 

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