How to Install a Nanny Cam in Your Home

How to Install a Nanny Cam in Your Home

Step One: Buy a Nanny Cam
Many stores sell nanny cams, but their price and quality can vary. The cheapest version costs about 20$-25$, and higher-end models are around 150$-250$. Before buying the nanny cam, consider what you need as well as your budget. Also, check which stores carry the models you’re thinking of purchasing. One such store is Babies R Us, but most baby stores will have something to offer. You can also get the nanny cam online, but sometimes talking to a store’s employee is quicker and easier.

Step Two: Find a Hiding Place for the Nanny Cam
You want to place the nanny cam in a room where the child stays in the most. In most cases, that would be a living room or nursery where the nanny takes care of the baby. If you can’t decide which place is best, get a few nanny cams and cover more than one room.

You should install your nanny cam in a high place. Some of the options would be top shelves or a tall bookcase, or you can also place it on a wall. If you want to get maximum nanny cam coverage, put it just above your head because then it will have a full view of the room. What you should avoid is installing the nanny cam too close to any other item or behind something that can obstruct the camera’s view.

Step Three: Installing the Nanny Cam
When you find the perfect place for the nanny cam, the next step is to set it up. If they run on batteries, make sure you have the ones that match the camera. Once you finish with this step,  you should connect the transmitter, and the device as this device records anything the camera catches. You then connect the camera to either VCR or DVD recorder but keep in mind that it cannot be a regular DVD player. An even better solution is to connect it to a computer.  It is also good to keep those devices close because you will need to connect them via a USB cable. However, you can always buy a longer cable. Besides, the longer the distance between the two devices is, the harder it will be to hide it.

Rember this: In case you record with your computer, make sure you have the necessary programs for recording and video playback. Most likely the camera will come with the software built in, but to be safe check with the salesperson. If it doesn’t, buying the required software will be necessary. On the other hand, if you use a DVD recorder or VCR device, make sure to have new tape or blank DVDs ready. Each recording has to start with a blank tape.

Final Step: Testing Performance
Once you set everything up correctly, it is time to see the nanny cam at work. Turn it and the recording device on to save the footage. When you start recording, it would be a good idea to move around the house and review the footage or have someone monitor it live. This will also show you if the view is blocked by something, and if you need to reposition your nanny cam for better results.

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