5 iPhone Apps To That make Photo Editing Easy

5 iPhone Apps To That make Photo Editing Easy

Photography is the favorite past-time of many people. A phone with a camera is a great way to fulfill your need for artistic self-expression, especially if you are not handy with a brush.

If you want to improve the quality of your photos, but have no money to invest in expensive photography software, and you only have your trusty iPhone, all you have to do is visit the App Store.

Snapseed and Succeed
Currently free at the Store, but no less a strong contender. Google´s stab at photo editing apps is equipped with a significant number of options, such as (but not limited to) color balance option or selective enhancement of your photos. It may be tough to handle at first, but the time put into mastering it pays off in the long run.

Your own little virtual Darkroom
The App Store states it is free. However, this app requires that you pay for additional content. Moreover, it does not store your edits in a separate folder on your phone, thus liberating space within your device for other things, which is a nice feature.

The ultimate thing that sets this app apart from the rest of the herd is its filter implementation. Namely, in other apps, you can´t choose which parts of the picture you want to edit while leaving the others untouched – with Darkroom you can. Ultimately, thoughtful design and platform-aware functionality make Darkroom an easy-to-use app and a serious contender within the mobile editor realm.

VSCO – an acronym for excellence
This is a formidable app which offers you the option of variety for free or immense variety for an annual subscription fee of $20. You can download the core version of the app, but you also have the option of buying additional filter and effect packs as you desire.

While this app is perhaps the most reliable one on this list, it can be quite hard to master with its numerous options that can fluster users, or its complex sharing option.

Enlight-en your photos!
Despite being the priciest of the bunch at $2.99, you certainly get what you pay for in this case. The app has many options for you to choose for, such as the option to edit certain parts of the photo, while leaving others intact. The easy-to-use interface makes the app easy to master for both novices and professional photography lovers, and its vast number of tools allows for a very versatile work environment. If you do get overwhelmed at any point though, the app´s help section will come to the rescue.

TouchRetouch with just a swipe
Coming in at $1.99 in the App Store, this app is a simple, yet an effective little gem. Its function is to remove any detail in your photo that you don’t like with a mere swipe. However, the cropped detail is not left empty for you to fill but instead filled up with pixels found in the surrounding area of the erased spot.

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