Hilarious Photo Edits Gone Wrong

Hilarious Photo Edits Gone Wrong

Selfies are one of the latest trends to take over the world. Platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and other softwares that enables people to post their amazing photos are just a click away from cell phones so it’s relatively easier to take pictures on the go. However, with the proliferation of pictures on different social media platforms, people tend to scrutinize tiny details and criticize them whenever they can. 

Thankfully, photo-editing platforms can work on photos’ flaws and edit them to look amazingly beautiful. Of course, not everybody has the time or skill to edit their photo. That’s where professional photo-editing comes in. These guys are experts in retouching pictures to bring out the monster (real beauty) in them.

Photo-editing professionals can do almost anything with a photo. They can manipulate the background and even place the subject on a warm sunny beach instead of their unorganized dirty room. The right expert can create a legendary art piece out of a regular snap. I have seen photo-editing experts professionally edit an ex-boyfriend out of someone’s favorite photos, cover up a nasty looking pimple, and even add a missing family member to annual family portraits. Certainly, photo-editing software is the new wonder in photography.

Photo-editing platforms can do several amazing things outside of changing original pictures. I have seen people who hire photo-editing professionals to troll someone else or edit their photos way beyond the imagination. However, it’s advisable for clients to be careful and be clear with their requirements when hiring a photo-editor. Trust me, some of those wishing for photo-editing could get way more than they expected, especially if they weren’t explicit with their wish. Here are some our our favorite miscommunications (or blessings in disguise?) that we’ve seen yet!

Crooked Bow Tie 

Let’s start with James Fridman, a photo-editing expert. He has a reputation for taking clients’ requests literally because he enjoys making fun of the things people perceived to be ruining their family photos. For instance, in this case, a boy’s parents asked James to straighten their son’s crooked bow tie in the photos.

Guess what he did? He didn’t just straighten the tie, but literally turned the boy into a living Leaning Tower of Pisa. Hilarious, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s James Fridman’s way of trivializing little things in family photos.

Not Good, She’s “Grate”

Another one from James. A client (girl) wanted to be competitive with her photos, so she asked James to make her look “grate” and make her friend ugly. Similar to most wishes, this girl’s has many grey areas, and James used his discretion to take advantage of the spelling mistake.

A Night at The Museum 

This is another funny one where the client actually got what they asked for specifically, just that the photo-editor took the clients’ explanation literally. The client wanted his photo in a museum but wan’t explicit with his explanation, so he got this funny photo-edited version instead.

2 White Hats

This is the funniest of them all. The couple approached James because they needed  a nice romantic holiday picture. As always, James will do his thing (trivializing what clients take seriously). Since the picture contains two guys in white hats, James used his discretion to remove the wrong guy in the white hat, and this is the result.

Same Shirt

James did another hilarious wonder here. The husband approached James with the concern that her wife was wearing the same shirt as the gondolier, so he wanted James to change it. But being a legend in misinterpreting clients’ instruction, James changed the gondolier shirt to the one the husband was wearing. Of course, the gondolier instead matches with the wife.

Wings of a Chicken?


Of course, this picture was relatively cool before the young lady requested for a bit of tweaking. I don’t know the idea she had that made her have a chicken wings but next time, I think she should be more explicit with her instructions.

Took a Shot

There are some instructions that require a thorough description. A client asked James to creatively edit his photos based on the idea of “get hit somewhere else and end up a stretcher being loaded onto an ambulance”. Oops! This is what he got.



Belt Buckle Big Enough?

Here’s another funny one. The client who has an amazingly sized belt buckle wants James to make it bigger in the photo. But the editing advise wasn’t clear enough, and James used his discretion. Instead, the buckle is so big that both guys can hold it.


Size Matters

The lady thinks it’s necessary to make her fiance’s face a bit smaller in the picture. As always, James perform his magic and here’s what she got.

In the Tree

This edited photo is a product of misinterpretation. The client is a non-native English speaker, perhaps he used the wrong preposition, and that’s what landed her this photo. She wanted James to edited the picture to look as if she climbed the tree, but lack of explicit instruction made James to make it look as if she is inside the tree.


Eiffel Tower Tango

The Eiffel Tower is an iconic tourist location where people around the world come to visit. As expected, tourists take pictures in front of the Eiffel tower, and some people want their pictures to be taken in a way that looks as if they are touching the tower’s top. The lady asked James to perform his magic with photo-editing, and this is what she got.

Wedding Photo Fail

I can’t say exactly what happened here, but I think James just made their wish a reality by editing the photo so that the bride’s dress covers the car. Of course, the bride should be happy for her record-breaking wedding gown big enough to cover a car.

Broom Broom

Some people believe that being excessively fashionable attracts others to them. They sometimes experiment with their hair. In this picture, the client’s haircut is similar to a broom. But there’s an actual broom in the background which he asked James to remove. As always, he never fails to surprise his clients. He removed the boy’s hair instead of removing the broom in the background.


Same Height

The group picture was taken by friends of different heights, so the guy approached James and asked  him to align the group photo to the same height. Ooops! This is what he got.

Wrong Side Of The Bench

The client asked James to edit the photo in a way that places her and her boyfriend further down the bench. Come to think of it, this instruction isn’t specific, and James being a misinterpretation master did his magic. Here’s what the client got.

Those Feet!

The girl wanted James to edit the photo because the guy in the middle gave up his shoes for the girl, but the client felt the feet looked weird and asked James to do something about it. This is what he got.



The Disappearing Pocket

After taking the shot, the client phone was really visible because he kept it in his front pocket before taking the picture. He asked James to edit it so that the phone won’t be visible. Guess what he did? He removed the pocket from the pants.

Forgetting Glasses

I love this particular one. The client left his glasses at home when he took the picture. But he needed to edit it. James changed the entire perspective of the pictures. He added a lot of blur to the picture so that the client will understand how the real world looks without glasses.

Wearing The Same Shirt

This is another rib cracking one. The clients (two brothers) wanted a picture that shows them wearing the same shirt. Of course, James misinterpreted everything and placed the two brothers in a single shirt.


The Importance Of Seatbelts

Seems this client doesn’t enjoy wearing seat belts. So, she took a picture and wasn’t concerned about not wearing a seat belt in her photo. She asked James to make a small edit to beautify the picture, and here’s what she got.