25 Random Acts Of Kindness That Prove Humans Are Awesome

25 Random Acts Of Kindness That Prove Humans Are Awesome

People are generally pretty awesome.

However, it can sometimes be hard to remember that. We have a tendency to walk by strangers and not think about them at all. Of course, sometimes these complete strangers are actually responsibile for some truly remarkable behavior.

Here are 25 examples of people performing incredible feats for complete strangers!

1) Snake Danger

When this stranger saw a snake under the car, he was kind enough to leave four signs all over the vehicle, alerting the owner of the impending danger.

The car owner was super grateful for the gesture and even thanked the stranger via a Facebook post.

2) Of Free Meals And Selfless Restaurants

If you are ever hungry and stuck in a hard place, you now know where to go for a free meal.

This sign was at the restaurant’s back door, which is a clear indication that selfless restaurant owners exist.

3) Paying It Forward At Starbucks!

Imagine if a complete stranger paid for your meal out of nowhere and then sent a note wishing you a great day.

Well, it was this guy’s lucky day. What an amazing gesture!

4) The Umbrella Hero

This young man noticed that the old lady was getting rained on while crossing the road. He ran to her rescue before she got all wet.

This man is clearly a true gentlemen and makes all of us proud!

5) When Your Neighbor Is A Chef

Good neighbors do more than refrain from putting on loud music.

LOL! This insanely kind guy has been making dinner for his old neighbor, and he just found out how the neighbor feels about his cuisine.

6) Willie: The Kidney Guy

Today’s hero is Willie, who responded to a parent’s cry for help. Now the girl has a new kidney and a happier life.

This isn’t just a random act of kindness, but a trule life saving gesture. Go, Willie!

7) The Handyman Samaritan

Our guy was driving across the country when his tire popped near the KS/CO border.

This stranger pulled over ASAP and helped put back the wheel. Who says there aren’t any nice people on the road!

8) A Compassionate Pizza Shop Owner

When this pizza shop owner realized that people were eating from his garbage, he couldn’t take it.

The guy offered to give them free pizza slices and clean water. Sometimes owning a business is about more than just the money!

9) Honorable Rowers

The lady wanted to honor her late husband, but the gates were closed.

The rowers helped honor her wishes when they found the rose. They were ready to help this total stranger grieve despite never even meeting her!

10) Integrity Never Goes Out Of Style

When this lady lost her purse, she had no hope of recovering it. Two days later, a stranger delivered it to her doorstep.

Unfortunately, they didn’t leave any name or contact. Clearly, the deed was more important than the recognition!

11) Fatherly Love

The older gentleman noticed that this young guy was struggling to tie his tie.

He didn’t hesitate to help him out. Good luck with your job interview young man!

12) Mexican Pride

When natural disaster strikes, these Marines are often the first ones on the front lines to help with disaster relief.

Huge thanks to all our troops who help when we’re in need!

13) How About A Free Car Today?

All this buyer wanted was for the seller to hold the car for a week.

Guess what? The seller decided to give away the vehicle, yea, for free!

14) Animal Lover

This man found an injured sparrow and was looking up vet services to help it’s recovery.

It’s so sweet to imagine that people out here want the best for all creatures.

15) A Jacket Station

If you are ever cold and in Dallas, pass by this jacket station and pick a warm coat.

You can also drop a jacket and help this heart-warming cause. Take a jacket, leave a jacket!

16) Polite And Helpful Drivers

When this older gentleman’s scooter fell off the trailer at a spotlight, he must have been scared.
Luckily, all the good men driving on that road were happy to assist him!

17) Michael The Lifesaver

Have you ever called an organization for help, and they didn’t seem to cooperate?

Thankfully, Michael saw this post and came through for a bro.

18) Thoughtful 6-Foot Concert-Goer

Ari enjoyed the concert because this tall stranger was considerate enough to move aside to avoid blocking her.

What a kind soul! Any short person knows it can be a struggle sometimes. Especially at an amazing concert!

19) A Tech-Savvy Gas Station Patron

Gas station adverts can be annoying, which is why we need to applaud the stranger behind this gesture.
At least now you know the magic button to use when you don’t want to watch ads.

20) Kind Classmates

In an era where everyone is busy with their business, such concern for people’s wellbeing is rare.

This guy checked on the classmate when he was absent to make sure he was OK and remind him that people were thinknig about him!

21) Truck Shop Santa

A secret Santa left Christmas stockings filled with gifts at this Georgia truck shop.

What a kind soul, and a great surprise for these truckers!

22) Outpouring Group Effort

The lady recently came out of an abusive relationship, which we all know takes a lot of courage.

Her daughter lobbied her Facebook followers, and the response was overwhelming.

23) Lost Keys

When the girl lost her keys while jogging, she was probably sure she wouldn’t find them again.
Luckily, a kind stranger did this to make sure she found it.

24) The Understanding Boss

This employee was sleeping during his shifts.

On talking to him, the boss discovered that the guy was homeless and sleeping in his car. They helped find a spot for him to sleep and got him back on track!

25) A Thoughtful Bench Designer

Not only does the bench look better with the top covering, but it is also welcoming to homeless people.
Now they can shelter from harsh weather conditions.

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