What You Should Know About Adult Diapers and Incontinence?

What You Should Know About Adult Diapers and Incontinence?

When we get older, our body no longer works like before. There may be visual and auditory declines and problems with walking. But not only that. It often happens that the body of older people is no longer able to control the bladder or bowel. At this point, diapers for adults come into play to combat incontinence. [1]

You are not alone!

Many seniors need assistance when they begin to lose their autonomy. But before arriving at this point one can use aids for the elderly that allow them to preserve freedom and independence. In order to avoid isolation and promote autonomy for incontinent elderly, there are special diapers that can be used in such situations. 

It is often necessary to make sure that the aids used are the most suitable for the health of the elderly and that there is a real need for the use of these. In fact, sometimes elderly incontinence proves to be a false problem. The elderly feel the urge to urinate or to defecate and calls his or her assistant to help them go to the bathroom unnecessarily. Assisting a person with such needs is not a simple task, therefore, it can be easier to choose a more comfortable solution. [2]

What is the solution?

Adult diapers are particularly suitable for those who suffer from problems in controlling their bladder or their bowels. Through the use of these accessories, aging people will enjoy greater self-confidence, and all this will lead to an improvement in their standard of living.

How to choose the right diaper?

While choosing this kind of aid it is important to keep in mind the real needs of the subject. That is, we need to remember that the elderly must be able to enjoy a happy life, free from all kinds of concerns. The features that need to be evaluated when choosing the best adult diaper are:[3]

  • The functional capabilities of the patient.
  • The type of incontinence and its relative gravity.
  • The possibility that the elderly have personal assistance.
  • The comfort of the patient himself.
  • Comfort and price of the product.

How does diaper absorption work?

Usually, the diaper has absorbent polymers to absorb liquids. The polymers, derived from the plastic, are in charge of transforming the urine into a gel to block it in the deeper layers and avoid its leakage. The surface in contact with the skin, in most cases, remains dry. Preventing wet contact with the skin makes it possible to avoid maceration or the risk of irritation caused by the stagnation of urine. Diapers for the elderly are specifically designed to absorb all urinary leaks, retain fecal losses and any odors arising from them. [4]

The comforts of incontinence pads

Making use of diapers for the elderly may seem a scary and even humiliating affair at first glance. But is not so! There is nothing to be ashamed of wearing these aids! To overcome fear and embarrassment, it will suffice to think of these diapers as simple special underpants designed specifically to improve the quality of life. In many cases, in fact, diapers for the elderly offer an indispensable help who doesn’t even notice the presence of this underwear. They will not have to run the risk of feeling humiliated due to a possible urine stain on their trousers. The important thing is to research the model that can offer the elderly the right comfort. In fact, it is possible to choose between models with extra padding, designed for those who need a great absorbency, and ultra-thin diapers, so comfortable that you don’t realize you’re wearing them.

5 Different Types of Diapers

These aids for incontinent elderly people are available in different forms. [5]

1. Disposable Adult Diapers

This adult diaper is the most popular one among men because it has extremely strong absorbent features and a waterproof exterior. This is designed for people who have lost their bladder control to a large extent, therefore, they need to change their diapers often. 

2. Panty with Side Closure

Particularly recommended for elderly people suffering from fecal incontinence. This aid for the elderly, in fact, has the ability to reduce losses and retain odors. However, there are possible risks with regard to irritation. The skin could breathe less than usual.

3. Shaped

They are indicated especially for those who have sensitive skin. In fact, they reduce the possibility of skin redness or irritation. However, this type is not entirely adequate for those with fecal incontinence problems.

4. Rectangular

They, like the shaped ones, are designed specifically for subjects with sensitive skin. In fact, they reduce the risk of redness or skin irritation. This type is recommended for those who have to deal with urinary incontinence but who at the same time have good personal assistance. They do not have a great capacity for retaining odors and must, therefore, be changed often.

5. Waterproof Pants

You can find it also as “rubber pants” or “plastic pants”.  Their material such as vinyl, plastic or rubber is waterproof. You can choose between a variety of designs. This kind is designed to be worn over regular diapers to avoid leakages.