Want a New Smartphone? Cyber Monday Has Got You Covered

Want a New Smartphone? Cyber Monday Has Got You Covered

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are finally here! Smartphones are developed at a staggering rate every year, each one better equipped than the last. However, high prices often follow their dazzling descriptions. If you have your eye set on one of these expensive babies, mark your calendars for the day after Thanksgiving as a shopping day because Cyber Monday has you covered!

Cyber Monday is a date which offers the most significant discounts for tech lovers, formerly only on the internet, now often in physical stores as well. More and more big brands are joining the trend and expanding their offer. These are some of the most notable discount offers you should check out this Cyber Monday if you are on the prowl for a new cell phone.


This Cyber Monday Samsung is offering all of its Galaxies with a significant discount. If you decide to trade in your old phone instead of just buying an additional one, and you opt for Samsung´s Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, or Note 8, you will shave about $400 off of your price tag! The phone you are trading in doesn´t even have to be a Samsung!

Best Buy is also in on the discounts. If you sign a contract with Verizon or Sprint, you can get a Samsung Galaxy 8 for $300 less than what it´s usually listed for.


This affordable brand is becoming even more affordable this Cyber Monday! Its G6 model can be acquired at Best Buy for a mere $5 a month. Granted, you have to sign a 2-year contract with Sprint, but the phone will average at $120.


If you don´t need an imposing name connected to your phone, but you need reliability and quality, Motorola has an offer for you this Cyber Monday. The company’s brand new model, The Moto G5 Plus will be on sale following Thanksgiving. The 64GB model is listed at Best Buy for as little as $200!

If this price tag and exclusivity are not enough for you, the fact that The Moto G5 Plus is not locked and tied to any specific network might be incentive enough to head over to your nearest Best Buy and get your hands on one of these beauties.


If you are not an android person, if you like the look and feel of an iPhone better, you also have choices aplenty this Cyber Monday.

Some older generation iPhones, such as iPhone SE, are being offered at seriously discounted prices. Phones which on average cost around $700 will be able in Target for as little as $99, which is a steal considering their usual price of about $400.

Additionally, the iPhone SE which can be found on sale at Target this Cyber Monday is not bound by a contract to a specific provider, so you can use it with any provider´s number that you already possess.

Whatever your motivation for buying a new phone is, this Cyber Monday you can satisfy both your need for a new phone and the need to be fiscally savvy. It´s the best of both worlds!