Top 5 Ways to Earn More Money with Part-Time Jobs

Top 5 Ways to Earn More Money with Part-Time Jobs

With employers increasingly hiring more part-time workers and less full-time staffers, many in the workforce are considering the viability of part-time employment. Beyond the obvious income ramifications, there are hosts of advantages and disadvantages to consider, when determining if the part-time employment model works for you.

Why You Should Consider a Part-Time Job

Arguably the biggest advantage of working part-time is the increased free time, in which to pursue extracurricular activities. For those lacking the requisite academic credentials for their dream job, a part-time position may serve as a stepping stone that affords them the flexibility to obtain the certification needed to snag roles in their desired profession. Others may use part-time jobs to climb the ladder within an existing field. For example, an individual with a social work degree can obtain part-time entry-level work that lets them simultaneously earn the graduate degree needed and a more lucrative mental health job.

Part-time jobs also appeal to those nurturing special projects, such as writing, civic outreach, and artistic endeavors. Such pursuits offer immense personal fulfillment, even if they don’t bring in large paychecks.

When there are no full-time positions available within a given company, workers may accept part-time employment to posture themselves as the obvious candidate, when a coveted full-time slot becomes available. A part-time job can also help individuals gain experience and training in fields unfamiliar to them. After all, an employer who may be reluctant to hire an inexperienced person on a full-time basis may be inclined to hire an eager candidate on a part-time basis, who expresses an enthusiastic desire to learn the trade.


Jobs to Look for

Part-time jobs are incredibly flexible while letting you choose your hours. Even better, there’s no shortage of part-time jobs where you can earn good money. If you’re interested in boosting your income, consider the high-paying part-time jobs we’ve listed below. 


Work as a Bartender or Waiter  

Average pay per hour: $10.84
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Working as a server or bartender, you can make quite a lot of money, even with part-time shifts. On average, your employer will pay you minimum wage. However, when you add tips, your per hour pay can be as high as 20$ or 25$. This is perfect for someone who needs to earn as much as possible for a short amount of time. 


Drive for Uber or Lyft  

Average pay per hour: $8.55 – $11.77

Working for a rideshare company such as Uber or Lyft is perhaps the most flexible part-time job where you can set your hours as you please. Keep in mind that you need to be over 21 to qualify and have a reliable vehicle with a clean record, besides a few other requirements. Once you finally get everything sorted, you can fill up your free time with rides, get tips, and meet lots of new people whenever you’re working. 


Work as a Massage Therapist 

Average pay per hour: $19.92 per hour
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Working as a massage therapist is a high-paying part-time job that’s often overlooked by people. You can schedule massages at your own convenience and spend your afternoons or mornings helping clients out with their sore or aching muscles while making them relax. You can work as a massage therapist in therapy clinics, hospitals, spas, or become your own boss. 


Become a Mailman  

Average pay per hour: $17.25 per hour
Source: PayScale

If you need a good balance between work and life, becoming a mailman for the US Post Office might be the best option for you. Besides an average of 20 hours per week worked, mail carriers also earn a good average salary, which can be even higher with experience on the job, and depending on the city you’re in. 


Find Work as a Tutor

Average pay per hour: $17.51 per hour
Source: PayScale 

You can help your pupils overcome difficult schoolwork and subjects while avoiding the 9-5 slog by being a part-time tutor. Depending on your knowledge, and the student’s needs, you can tutor one or more subjects successfully. Moreover, you can have excellent flexibility when it comes to scheduling, or you can even work online, besides tutoring in local libraries. 

How to Find Other Part-Time Jobs with High Pay

Before you pick any part-time job, make sure to research to see all the pros and cons. You can check out reviews and ratings for businesses, and find other relevant information online. We suggest that you compare a few or more options before committing to one.

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