Top 3 Non-Invasive Skin Lift Treatments

Top 3 Non-Invasive Skin Lift Treatments

Does your mirror reflection make you think you need to do something about your sagging mature skin? If so, this article will show you the top three options for skin tightening that do not require that you go under the knife.

Radio Frequency Therapy
In this FDA-approved treatment, radio waves create the heat that accelerates the rate of your cell replacement, as well as the production of collagen. Over time, as you keep receiving treatments (minimum of 6 for any progress to show), your skin will start to tighten. The dermatologist will use a numbing cream just as a precaution, and after the procedure, a little redness is normal and will clear up during the next day.

Your skin care specialist will either use a long, thin tube or a handheld device that will send the waves down your skin tissue. Painless and relatively inexpensive at a session that costs between fifty and a hundred dollars, RF therapy lasts as little as 30 minutes [1].

The Ultrasound Therapy
This is similar to radio frequency therapy because they both use heat to stimulate collagen production and quicker cell replacement, except here the ultrasound waves create the heat. As with radio frequency, the skin will over time look tightened and smooth with significantly minimized.

A dermatologist will place a gelled-up handheld ultrasound device to the area that is being treated and let the waves do their thing. Afterward, some redness and swelling can occur, but those will subside soon after.

The whole thing lasts between half an hour and an hour
With enough initial treatments, the effects of this procedure can last up to a year.

The prices vary anywhere between a thousand and five thousand dollars. Juxtaposed to other invasive procedures that have a similar result, ultrasound frequency therapy seems like a better choice [2].

CryoLift a new technique and registered system that helps with skin lifting through a safe and non invasive method.

A steady flow of CO2 in projected through a CooLifting gun on the facial tissues. This current will be at a very low temperature and very high pressure, composed by high concentration of atomized actives. The results should be noticeable after the first session.

The interval between sessions depends on every particular case and there’s nothing special that needs to be done after that.

The Cryolift is perfected to generate an immediate lifting effect by eliminating shallow wrinkles and reducing the deeper ones. It will also make your skin look younger and the rejuvenating effect should last long in time.

Microneedling is the most “invasive” treatment on our list because the dermatologist uses a tool similar to a pen that makes tiny punctures in your skin. Afterward, you can expect a rise in collagen growth by a whopping 400 percent. As that is happening your new youthful skin slowly comes to the surface and obliterates most of your wrinkles.

The procedure lasts for about a half-hour, but a full hour of preparation beforehand is required. The procedure is painless, if a bit uncomfortable because of the needles, but any discomfort is taken care of with a local anesthetic. Afterward, you can expect some mild irritation and redness, but it will disappear.

Four sessions are necessary for the changes to start to appear, afterward a session every three months or so is all that is required as upkeep of your new look.

Price-wise one session can cost as low as a hundred dollars or as high as seven hundred.

Finally, note that it is FDA approved, but it is not recommended for pregnant women [3].

If we have tickled your fancy with this article, know that there is a lot more to learn about these practices, so throw yourself into research.




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