Searching for Free Wi-Fi? Use This App!

Searching for Free Wi-Fi? Use This App!

All of us love free Wi-Fi. With the rapid advancement of the Internet technology and its myriad applications, Wi-Fi serves to be an integral part of enhancing your online browsing experience. In the given modern, digital-savvy world that we lead in, it is hard to imagine a life without Wi-Fi.

While there are several paid Wi-Fi options available out there, getting access to free Wi-Fi services is a gem1.

Access to free Wi-Fi internet services allows you to seamlessly stream all that you like on the Internet without any hassle. There are several public service providers that offer you the ease of accessing the free Wi-Fi services.

However, the major problem with most of the free hotspots out there is that these cannot be regarded as trusted sources or safe platforms towards keeping your vital data secure. The potential cybercriminals out there can easily get into your system with the help of these public, free hotspots to get a hold of your personal information. This is wherein the role of a reliable, secure free Wi-Fi service provider comes in.


Wi-Fi Finder by Avast

Avast is a leading anti-virus software provider that is known for its wide range of other advanced software solutions as well. Just after the release of the iOS version “Avast SecureMe,” the leading anti-virus software tycoon has unleashed the all-new secure Wi-Fi app for Android devices –known as “Wi-Fi Finder by Avast”2.

With the help of this innovative app, you can look forward to connecting to any safe public Wi-Fi hotspot –all for free. Moreover, it also helps you to establish the connection even when you do not know the password. The main role of the app is that it quickly scans the entire network to ensure that all your personal information remains safe throughout the connection. The revolutionary range of Wi-Fi Finder by Avast serves to be an ideal solution to those who are constantly traveling and keep looking for free, safe Wi-Fi hotspots abroad.

With the help of the innovative Wi-Fi Finder by Avast app, you can easily search for the nearest free Wi-Fi hotspots. This is enabled with the help of a built-in map feature into the app that allows you to navigate to the closest hotspot easily. While other similar apps also offer the same capability, they are not known to perform any type of security check for the network the way Wi-Fi Finder by Avast does.


Top Features of Wi-Fi Finder by Avast

Some of the advanced features of this innovative app to try out are:

– Wi-Fi Map: The app comes with a built-in Wi-Fi map that provides an in-depth display of the nearest free, public hotspots on the basis of your current location.
No Requirement of Passwords: When you are at a public place providing access to Wi-Fi services, there is no more requirement to ask for the password from the staff nearby. The app stores this vital information on the basis of connections of the given hotspot from other users in the past.
– Security Scan: The app is responsible for deep-scanning all the available Wi-Fi spots. As such, you can get an idea of the security level of every hotspot before establishing a connection with the same.
– Connection Comparison: You can look forward to comparing the available connections or networks on various factors, including speed, rating, and security. This allows the users to always select the best-available network for the Internet connection3.


How to Use Wi-Fi Finder by Avast?

The free Wi-Fi searching app by Avast is completely free of use. As such, there is no requirement to pay anything while using the features of the app and connecting the same to some reliable Internet network. Moreover, it is extremely simple to use the free app as well. All you are required to do is to launch the app on your smartphone.

Once opened, you can use its advanced map feature to get an idea of the nearest, public hotspot for an Internet connection. Once you have found the same, you can go forward with checking the unique details of the given network –including security level, speed, and user rating. Upon being satisfied by the security assurance offered by a particular public Wi-Fi hotspot, you can then advance close to the given network. This will allow you to catch the signal easily4.

One of the best parts of using the advanced Wi-Fi Finder by Avast app is that even when the particular network might be password-protected, there is no need to include the password with this app.

If you are a traveler or seeking free Wi-Fi services, make the most of the cutting-edge Wi-Fi Finder by Avast app.

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