Products to Help Soothe Your Back Pain

Products to Help Soothe Your Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain you are not alone. Almost every adult suffers back pain at some point in their lives. Research suggests 60 to 80 percent of people will get at least mild back pain in their lives, whether due to illness, disability, injury, or posture related issues. This crucial pain can limit your activities and alter overall mood. Having a persistent back pain can highly restrict your mobility, giving you a hard time and makes it difficult for you to go on with your life.

Here are some products that can relive your back ache .These products are affordable and one can get them without a doctor’s prescription.They can be used to complement pain relief therapies like chiropractic or massage therapy. Each of the products below aims to address pain in a different way, so you can pair multiple products together to make your own comprehensive pain management program.

  • The heating pad 

Heating pad or moist heat can relieve pain and tension . The moist heating pad produces humidity that gives a soothing effect. Researchers prove that moist heat (hot packs, baths, showers) works better than dry heat. The heat enhances blood circulation in the area and thus allows greater repair ,relieves inflammation, and improves back stiffness.

  • Back brace

The back brace is one of the most supportive components of treatment options available. It works in several ways–first, it aligns your muscles and ligaments and supports the spine network by compressing the components of your abdomen. Moreover, it restricts the range of motion of your spine thereby relieving pain. It’s especially helpful if you have weak abdominal muscles or if spinal stenosis has degenerated your spine in several areas. Also, this product ensures the release of endorphins which relieve pain in a natural way. The product provides one of the most efficient ways to relieve a person’s pain while working in a simple manner. Therefore, if you’re looking for amazing back support to get rid of your struggles, spending some money on this particular back brace is a great decision.You’ll find the product rehabilitative and comfortable if you choose the correct size.

  • The massager

Nothing beats a great massage to relieve tight back muscles. Massage has potential health benefits most importantly in acute pain. The Increased blood flow and circulation and relaxation improve flexibility and reduce pain. 

The cordless , rechargeable handheld massagers available in the market are used ideally for low back pain nowadays. These massagers come with different features including pulses, speed and frequency. Moreover, the product will help you relax in a short time without having to leave your office or home.

The other massage tool that is effective after a long day’s work is a massage chair.  It helps ease the muscle tension and pain. They have a wide price range with variable features.

  • The pain relief gel

The gel is a topical pain relief formula that you can massage into your lower back for cooling pain relief. These products work by increasing oxygen content in the painful area.. It’s widely used by physical therapists and other healthcare professionals.the gel is greaseless and easy to use.

  • Back Support Pillows

These products provide support when one sits in an upright way. They align your spine , hips and possibly your neck thereby improving your posture. The pillow simply prevents the pain by distributing your weight evenly and aligning your posture. As a result, you’ll find your lower spine experiencing less pressure and pain caused by poor or bad posture.

It is much affordable and convenient to use even at the office. It is also safe to use it as it works naturally.

  • Mattresses For Back Pain

Bad sleeping posture and Poor support from your mattress can lead to severe back pain. There is a high number of mattresses that can help you relieve your back pain in a comfortable and supportive way, including :-

  1. Saatva
  2. Amerisleep
  3. Helix
  4. Bear

Simple Ways to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Hurting your back is easy ; lifting a heavy weight , sudden twist or bad posture can cause back muscle spasm and  ligament sprain .However, preventing lower back pain is not impossible. Lift carefully , know the correct mechanism of lifting. Work on your posture. Improper sitting can give you back ache.Your body weight and strength can also be a factor contributing to your back ache. Exercise regularly( stretching exercises).

Some products will work better for certain people than others, so there may be some trial and error involved. Yet these products can reduce your pain upto some extent.


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