Why Your Dog Does That Weird Thing Everyday 

Why Your Dog Does That Weird Thing Everyday 

Have you ever tried to know why your dog gets the ‘zoomies’ or sniffs butts? Worry no more! From this article, you will get the answer to this and many more explanations to the weird things that your dog (s) does from one day to another. 

Let’s get started!

Getting The ‘Zoomies’ Indicates Your Dog Is Excited Or Happy 

Most individuals owning dogs know about the ‘zoomies’  – a case where your dog starts running around without any reason. However, when a dog does this, it means they’re happy. Mostly, they will do this after bathing, exercising, or after taking a meal. 

It Is Not Bad For Dogs To Eat Grass

Most people owning dogs don’t want to see their pooches eating grass. You need to note that it is not a strange thing for dogs to eat grass. However, experts have not yet provided a valid reason why dogs do this. 

Also, you need to keep in mind that eating grass cannot cause vomiting, as most individuals think. 

For Dogs, Eating Regurgitated Is Their Natural Behavior

When it comes to dogs, there is no big deal for them to eat their vomit. For human beings, doing this sounds repulsive, but that’s the opposite when it comes to dogs.  The reason here is that dogs don’t have social standards to take into consideration. 

Yes, eating vomit cannot perturb your pet, but it is crucial to take a step in the case of regular vomiting. 

It Is Normal For Dogs To Eat Poop

Some dogs will try and even eat their own feces, but don’t get surprised if you notice this. Eating poop is typical behavior for dogs, and it does not show any medical conditions. In some cases, the dogs will go an extra and eat feces of other dogs, but that is a natural behavior too. 

Dogs Hump Inanimate Stuff to attract Your Attention

Mostly, dogs will try to grab your attention by seducing inanimate objects. They carry out this behavior while treating your attention. However, there are cases where humping becomes a hormonally driven stuff. As your dogs go into heat or puppy grows older, they start engaging in mounting behaviors with other inanimate objects and other dogs. 

It Is Not A Strange Thing For Dogs To Paw Or Dig The Ground After They Poo

For most dogs, pawing or digging the ground is the next step after they poo. Yes, you may think they do this to cover the waste, but that is not the case. Mostly, they do this because they want to mark their territory. It shows the dog had visited this place some time back, and it left its identity mark. 

They Also Dig The Ground To Keep Cool And Stave Off Boredom

Getting messy is not an issue for dogs. Thus, this means that digging around a dirty place is not a big deal for them. Mostly, they dig around to keep themselves busy or keep fresh, especially on hot days.

It Is Usual For Male Dogs To Squat As They Pee

For male dogs, they urinate by lifting their legs. In the case of female dogs, they relieve themselves by lowering to the ground. However, there are cases where they might not do this. Here, it means these pets are at a different development stage compared to their peers. 

Dogs Collect Important Information By Sniffing Other Dog’s Behind

Yes, for humans, it sounds awkward, but it means making new friends when it comes to dogs. It is through this that a dog can quickly tell more about another dog after greeting. A dog features a super-sniffing ability that allows it to gather vital information whenever they smell other dogs. 

Get Your Dogs Checked If They Always Drag Their Bottom

Consider getting your dogs checked by a vet if they always drag their bottom. This behavior may indicate that something is wrong in the hindquarters of your dog. Scooting is a sign of discomfort, meaning there is a need to call a vet. 

Your Dog Might Be Bored If It Constantly Chases Its Tail

It’s pretty amusing to watch your pet chasing its tail. However, your dog is likely to do this consistently if they don’t get the required physical or mental stimulation. In this case, you need to keep your pet busy with toys or involving them in different exercises. 

Winking Does Not Indicate Your Pet Is Being Sly

A dog winkles because it’s after keeping their vision clear. Also, they can do this because they want to remove something from their eye. Thus, winking is a physical action, meant to clear an irritation or wet the eye. 


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