Get Back in Shape with These Top 10 Weight Loss Apps

Get Back in Shape with These Top 10 Weight Loss Apps

Trying to lose weight? You are not alone. According to, almost half of all Americans are in the process of shedding pounds. [1] But we know how much of a struggle losing weight and keeping it off can be. Luckily, there are many new weight loss apps for smart devices and phones to help you out.

Ready to start your journey to better fitness? One of the best ways to begin following a healthier lifestyle is by downloading a fitness app. The Journal of Medical Internet Research has published a recent study which shows fitness app users have lower BMI and are more active overall. [2] You could be one of these happy and healthy fitness app users. Not sure which one to try? Here is a list of our top 10 choices for the best weight loss apps.

1. MyFitnessPal

Price: Free
Best for: Calorie counting, maintaining a healthy diet

MyFitnessPal helps you track meals, calorie intake, and offers an overview of what you’ve eaten besides giving suggestions on what you need to change.

2. Weight Watchers (WW)

Price: $3.84 per week, additional in-app fees and purchases available
Best for: Tracking calories, establishing good dietary habits

The Weight Watchers app [3] helps you pick healthy food and instill good dietary habits. After setting a goal weight, the app will give you a point range to stay within as you log meals each day.

3. Nike Training Club

Price: Free
Best for: Workouts on demand

The Nike Training Club app has many explainers and videos aimed at workouts for building muscle, slimming down, and improving conditioning. You can create your programs or try exercises from beginner to advanced levels.

4. Lose It!
Price: Free basic membership, $3.33 per month for premium access
Best for: Counting calories and tracking weight loss

Few apps offer better features for weight loss than Lose it! [4] The app calculates what and how much you should eat based on age, weight, and goals. There’s an easy meal tracking, and a Snap It feature which calculates calories based on meal photos.

5. Noom

Price: Basic membership, free. Premium membership, $59 per month
Best for: Custom weight-loss approach with motivation

Noom [5] stands out because it offers help from weight loss professionals along with a personalized goal-based plan and support groups, and integration with Google Fit and Fitbit.

6. FatSecret

Price: Free
Best for: Weight loss support

Besides weight, food, and calorie tracking, Fat Secret lets you chat online with other users facing the same challenges as you. It also has lots of different stats and reports to track progress.

7. HealthyOut

Price: Free
Best for: Finding restaurants with healthy meals

If you’re too busy to prepare your food, the Apple-only HealthyOut app can give you lists of healthy alternatives for a large number of restaurants in over 500 cities, along with food filters (vegetarian, paleo, etc.).

8. Fooducate

Price: Free
Best for: Learning about healthy food choices and nutrition

Losing weight is mostly about eating right, and Fooducate teaches you just that through a rating and log system with barcode support.

9. Cron-O-Meter

Price: $2.99, with in-app purchases
Best for: Tracking calories, nutrition, and health data

Cron-O-Meter can track meals, count calories and nutrition, as well as fitness, and health data. You can also upload snaps of your weight loss progress and compare before and after photos.

10. Aaptiv

Price: $14.99 per month [8]
Best for: Fitness routines, following along trainers for workouts
Using the Aaptiv app, you can access many different on-demand workouts for all sorts of at-home exercises led by experts.

In Conclusion:

Any of these apps could be your portal to a healthier, thinner, stronger, and more active you. Just make sure to talk to your doctor before starting any new fitness regime or diet plan, especially if you have any pre-existing heart conditions or diseases. Also, the best way to know if any of these apps are the best way to help you attain your goals is by searching online for reviews and other users’ experiences. Get your life back on track by downloading a fitness app today!








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