Choose the Perfect Hawaiian Island For Your Vacation

Choose the Perfect Hawaiian Island For Your Vacation

If you think you experienced Hawaii after seeing one island you couldn’t be further from the truth. Nothing can compare to vacation on Hawaii, and you should experience this at least once in your lifetime. But the layout of the Hawaiian islands and transport costs between them also makes it more challenging to explore everything.

Most people then end up staying on the same island during their whole vacation, but that might not be so bad if you know what you want and what’s available. And we are here to help! In this article, you will find out the basics of what each Hawaiian island offers tourists.

1. The Big Island

It’s the most southern island of Hawaii in addition to being the second most populated one. There is an active social and nightlife, making it perfect for younger travelers. You might also see the Kilauea volcano spewing lava. But even if it’s inactive, how often can you walk on solid lava?

2. Oahu

The most populated Hawaiian island offers you shops, diners, and beaches. But what is most interesting of all is Pearl Harbor. One of the most important chapters of America’s history was written here, and if you need a history lesson, the Pacific Aviation Museum is a great place to visit.

3. Molokai

This just might be the most isolated island of all. If you are a nature lover and want a peaceful vacation, this island will not disappoint you what so ever. You can find the most intact nature on this island, and it’s beautiful. You should read the story about Father Damien before you head out, as well as familiarize yourself with Kalaupapa colonies. After that, you should take the famous mule ride to experience the soul of this island.

4. Lanai

75% of the pineapples distributed all over the world were from this island, thanks to the man named Dole. Still, the island is now full of tourists. If you are a fan of golf, you’ll find two courses on this island. One of them is a famous Challenge at Manele which was a Jack Nicklaus design.

5. Maui

If you played driving games as a kid and think San Fran’s Lombard Street was a challenge, you should take a drive on the Road To Hana. If you want to experience many of the things from Hawaii that make it into postcards and commercials, like cliffs and waterfalls, the Hana Highway with dozens of bridges and hairpin turns if for you.

6. Kauai

Kauai is the ‘Hollywood’ part of Hawaii. This island is the place where most directors shoot their Hawaiian movie scenes. Even some of the scenes in Jurassic Park, King Kong, and Fantasy Island are made right on this island. Imagine yourself walking the same ground where all those movies were shot and seeing the same sights from your favorite movie. It would be unreal in a way, and an excellent part of any movie fan’s Hawaiian vacation.