4 Recommended Cable Companies For Seniors

4 Recommended Cable Companies For Seniors

While it can be simple for seniors to get concessions from most cable companies, many people overpay simply because they’re not aware of these amazing promotions. Needless to say, most of the cable companies don’t advertise rebates on their services unless it’s in their own interest.

If one wants to cut their cable bill in half, these are the four companies which have cable concessions for seniors. Here we will highlight the most reliable options and some of their most important differentiators.

1. Spectrum

Spectrum is on top because it’s one of the most popular cable providers. Spectrum also is formerly known as Time Warner Cable. Spectrum cares for everyone, it proposes a plan that can meet a range of needs. They seldom advertise their premium prices on their website,[1] so if one wants to know about a suitable package they may need to call them. During the call, the company can brief them on their most desirable packages.

Spectrum gives different types of cable concessions. For example, seniors who are registered with spectrum can get one month without charge for every 12 months a person uses their service.[2] It also gives a bonus to users of the government assistance program LifeLine.[3]

Spectrum provides basic packages for cable TV or internet charges starting at $44.99 per month with 200+ channels. Moreover, with the entry-level cable TV package, one can enjoy their favorite sports and local programs. Worried about switching from an existing provider? Spectrum has a solution for that, as it can award $500 to new customers.

2. AT&T

AT & T is a recognizable name in the communications business but it also works hard to prove itself on the internet and even television niches. They present several economical internet plans which may attract seniors. AT&T provides traditional cable services so one’s favorite TV programs and internet speeds are competitive. It awards a $10 rebate if one bundles the internet package with TV services.[4] Though it says they do not grant senior concessions for internet services, they do provide a wide range of internet plans. One can increase the options by adding different channels, add on premium music and sports channels. For $75 a month one can sign up for U-verse TV and 190+ channels.[5] AT&T allows everything one needs with ease.

3. Mediacom

Mediacom Xtream TV provides for all those entertainment needs with 170+ channels.[6] Mediacom delivers everything a person wants, but in a comparatively smaller market as they provide services primarily to the Midwest and Southern areas of the US. Potential customers can register with Mediacom and it’s available at an affordable price. Mediacom’s Connect2Compete program serves internet options to low-income households. For $99.98 per month, one can get their bundle of FamilyTV and Internet package. Once signed up with Mediacom, one can select the most suitable option for internet and cable TV.

4. Comcast

Comcast is currently serving 40 states. They recognize seniors’ need for affordable monthly internet service. Comcast presents the Internet Essentials plan, which grants 15 Mbps and in-home Wi-Fi for $9.95/month plus tax. If a person is above 62 years of age, they can register with Comcast and with the Internet Essentials program to get a monthly internet plan. For only $149.99 the Internet Essentials program allows seniors to get a laptop and get internet access.[7]

While it depends on the package, the packages range from few channels to as many as 140 channels. In some part of the country, 10% reductions are available for seniors on a basic cable package.[8] XFINITY TV Go Application is another option to get one’s favourite program anywhere. Through Xfinity, Comcast owns the majority of the American cable and TV market.[9]

Final Thoughts

Registered members of AARP can get amazing reductions on their monthly cable packages. Just beware of some complicated terms behind attractive pricing. The greatest thing is to do some research through calling concerned cable providers. Explaining the desired package to the representatives can help provide one in no time. Furthermore, bundling the cable with other services can get one a higher rebate.