10 Quick and Effective 15 Minutes Workouts for Every Schedule

10 Quick and Effective 15 Minutes Workouts for Every Schedule

Regular exercise helps your body and mind. Still, many of us can’t seem to find the time to work out. If that’s the case for you, we’ve prepared ten 15-minute exercises.

Yoga Flow

You can do this vinyasa yoga routine at home, and pinpoint your chakra in no more than 15 minutes. [1]

  1. Mountain pose
  2. Swan dive to forward fold
  3. Downward-facing dog
  4. Plank into a low push-up
  5. Lift chest to upward-facing dog
  6. Raise hips into downward-facing dog
  7. Put your foot into a lunge
  8. Bring it back for a forward fold
  9. Get into mountain pose again

Primal Blueprint

This routine [2] requires kettlebell, dumbbells, or barbells. Do three cycles.

  1. Six overhead presses
  2. Six cleans
  3. Six squats
  4. Six bent-over rows

Quick Cardio

Do this workout four times while cutting the walking portion in half after each round.

  1. Spring one minute
  2. Walk or jog one minute
  3. Spring one minute
  4. Walk or jog one minute

Jump Rope

This workout will give you a good pump.

  1. Jump rope for one minute
  2. Use the rope to do 15 rows and 15 bicep curls
  3. Jump rope for one minute
  4. Use the rope to do 15 triceps extensions and 15 lat pulldowns
  5. Jump rope for one minute
  6. Do 10 cross-fit double unders

Prison Workout

This routine can be done anywhere. Repeat the following for 15 minutes:

  1. 10 push-ups
  2. 10 squats
  3. 10 lungers per leg
  4. 10 jump squats
  5. 10 narrow push-ups


This workout requires two light weights and a chair, do it twice.

  1. 50 plie squats with heels together, toes out
  2. 50 plie squats with heels wider than hips, toes out
  3. 50 overhead shoulder presses
  4. 50 triceps kickbacks
  5. 50 biceps curls
  6. 50 leg raises to the front per leg
  7. 50 leg raises to the back per leg

Leg Workout

Do this circuit twice with minimal rest.

  1. 50 squats
  2. 50 jump squats
  3. 50 alternating forward lunges
  4. 50 jumping lunges

Exercise Ball Workout

This workout requires dumbbells and an exercise ball, do three reps.

  1. Put your upper back on the exercise ball and do 12-15 dumbbell flyes, overhead tricep dips, and chest presses.
  2. Lie face-up with legs and heels on the ball while doing 12-15 hip raises and leg curls.
  3. Do 10 push-ups and jackknifes with feet on the ball
  4. Do 25 squats and sumo squats holding the ball overhead.

Tabata Strength and Cardio Workout

Tabata is great for building strength and cardio. [3] It includes:

  1. Warm-up: One circuit of squats. One set equals one minute
  2. Workout: One minute, two sets for push-ups, dumbbell dead lifts, shoulder presses, squats, and dead lifts.
  3. Top off: Sprint in place for 20 seconds and squat thrust up and over for four sets. [4]

12-Minute Workout

Do each move for 50 seconds with 10-second brakes.

  1. Lateral Jump
  2. Jump Squats
  3. High knees, down, jump tuck.
  4. Push-up burpee
  5. Two squat jumps, two side jumps
  6. Commando up and down, two kick-outs
  7. V-abs
  8. Superman abs
  9. Five switch lunges, five high knees
  10. Two drunk chickens, two dive bombers
  11. Two jump tucks, surfer kick-outs
  12. Five mountain climbers, two push-ups