Wellness Retreats: The Perfect Way To Travel Alone

Wellness Retreats: The Perfect Way To Travel Alone

The latest wellness trend is to vacation solo. Embarking on a solo wellness journey of any type can be empowering, and insightful. This trend has been growing in popularity in the past decade, everyone from burnt-out executives to caregivers has been seeking rest and rejuvenation by travelling solo. It gives you the chance to escape your daily life and the stress that comes with modern living and to return to a natural state of well-being with the help of therapeutic treatments, physical activities, expert advice, healthy food, and a beautiful location. 

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Going on a wellness retreat alone can have self-healing and lasting effects. It can be overwhelming to go on holiday on your own but a wellness retreat is a great option because it provides a secure, informative, guided, and serene space. Once you reach your destination you will get to know that you are only as alone as you choose to be. There will be other like-minded single travellers in the same travelling-solo boat. It allows you to take time out and focus on yourself in a peaceful setting. 


There are plenty of wallet-friendly, wellness retreat options available. We will be talking about some of these.

The DEN Wellness Retreats  

Los Angeles meditation studio The DEN offers wellness retreats. Their program infuses travel with a heavy dose of meditation and different healing treatments. The retreats take place in refreshing destinations with a theme to inspire the itinerary.

The package includes yoga, dharma talks, group healing with a Peruvian shaman, and meditation on sacred ruins. You can add a few extra days to the trip to tour Machu Picchu and Cusco with your new friends.

The DEN also has wellness retreats coming up in the Himalayas. No matter which one you choose, these wellness retreats are sure to fill you with a deep sense of gratitude, inner peace, and wonder.¹

Mountain Trek, Canada²

Mountain Trek is one of the most awarded fitness retreats and health spas in Canada. The main focus of this retreat is to ensure your physical health along with mental relaxation. For most people relaxation means a few more hours in bed, but at this retreat is more about invigorating exercise.

A staff-to-guest ratio of 40 to 16 ensures the focus is on you, so it might not suit those who like to hide at the back of the class. “Mountain Trek is hard but it works,” says Alexander Timmons, owner of the resort. “It’s not a week-long vacation; it’s an experience that changes the rest of your life.”

For 17 years, their boot camp has been bringing those seeking healthy lifestyle transformations together in stunning British Colombia for a week of workouts and relaxation. You will receive individualized attention here. It helps you truly reconnect yourself with nature. They say “Mountain Trek is not a sit by the pool, put cucumbers on your eyes and sleep all-day retreat. Mountain Trek is for guests who dare to challenge the status quo, get outside and get a little dirty, and to fight for the greatest gift we have – our health.”

Costa Rica Yoga Spa³

This mountaintop resort is a worthy alternative to Bodhi Tree, it has daily yoga classes. Trips to the beach, daily yoga sessions, meditation, and wandering around the hilly property are inclusive activities. Bunk rooms with shared bathrooms can accommodate up to four guests. The rates are wallet-friendly. Daily yoga classes, take place in a huge, teakwood pavilion adjacent to the pool and lodge. The views of the sea make it easy to fall into the laid-back rhythm of daily life at the Yoga Spa.

Museflower Retreat & Spa – Chiang Rai, Thailand

Museflower Retreat & Spa focuses on helping visitors find balance through emotional and mental wellness. You can get pampered from head to toe without doing serious damage to your wallet. 

They offer three, five, and seven-night packages. It includes accommodation, daily yoga, and meditation classes, spa treatments, and three meals per day. You can enjoy daily herbal steams, signature massages, body scrubs, foot massages, and Japanese-style energy balancing. 

Benefits of Wellness Retreats

Retreats are ideal opportunities to focus solely on yourself, enjoy being alone or meet like-minded new people. You can set the program that is best for your own pace. You aren’t comparing your journey to others and not fearful of being judged. Step out of your comfort zone and see the world on their own terms. 

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