Amazing At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Amazing At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had a sweet, charming smile that brightens up the world? Sadly, not everyone can boast of having such a smile because their teeth are not exactly sparkling. Many people have excellent dentition, but the stains on their teeth make it difficult to notice. Stains may come as a result of smoking, coffee, and other unassuming habits. The market is replete with tons of solutions; some which are very effective, others not so much; some are also highly invasive compared to others. There is a solution for everyone depending on the amount of time one is ready to put in.

Below is some vital information for anyone looking to get their teeth whitened using at-home teeth whitening kits. 

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

There are many teeth whitening products on the market – from gels and toothpastes, which can get rid of a lot of surface stains for a small price, to whitening strips that are attached to the dentition for about half an hour.

To get long-lasting results, LED light-activating whitening techniques are a better option. Also, in this case, a gel and a mask are used, and then the LED light will be activated. The results are more lasting if the treatment is repeated over a short period.

Recommended At-Home Whitening Products

1. LED Teeth Whitening and Gel

This product is great at getting rid of tobacco, wine, and coffee stains. It is especially effective at removing those mild, ugly spots to restore one’s smile. The results of LED are quick and powerful, giving the teeth a smoother and shinier look in a matter of minutes.

2. SmileDirectClub Teeth Professional Whitening Strips

This product is based on an effective and powerful formula that yields tremendous results after the first two uses. These whitening strips are great at getting rid of stains left by tea, coffee, or wine, as well as tobacco. SmileDirectClub is a great option to get one smiling as they used to. [1]

3. Pro Teeth Whitening strips

Pro Teeth Whitening Co.’s activated carbon whitening strips get rid of stains from the surface of one’s teeth without damaging their enamel. Its lack of fluoride and peroxide make it a good fit for vegans and vegetarians. The results are quick too! It takes about 30 minutes to get professional-grade teeth whitening. The whitening strips from Pro Teeth Whitening Co. are very easy to use for an effortless beaming smile [2].

4. NuPearl Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit

This advanced teeth whitening kit is made of natural ingredients that do not just remove stains from teeth, but also give a pearly white color. The technology used for this is patented. It contains natural flavor with mint oil comes with a whitening pen as a gift. NuPearl works well for either enamel or sensitive teeth. Also, it does not contain peroxide, fluoride, GMO, or parabens [3].

5. Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit

This whitening kit makes use of advanced optical technology combined with a unique whitening gel formula that can quickly remove surface and dark spots. To get tremendous results, we recommend that the instructions that come with the product are followed. It comes with ten 3ml whitening gels; use 0.5ml each time, which means it’s to be used 60 times in total. We recommend getting a 15-day whitening treatment for optimum results. Anyone that makes a purchase gets five tooth wipes as a bonus.

6. Meawhite Bleaching Led Light Gel

Meawhite tooth whitening kit promises natural whitening by giving 2 to 5 more enamel shades to obtain whiter teeth. The formula used contains no peroxide, is compliant with European standards, and this makes Meawhite Kit excellent at whitening one’s teeth without damaging the enamel. The Meawhite Kit comes with a LED lamp, two 10 ml bleaching gel syringes, a mask, and a color scale to follow the bleaching stages.

7. Luckyfine Teeth Whitening Kit

This professional whitening kit was developed using advanced optical technology and a unique whitening gel formula that eliminates all types of hard dental surface stains, giving the user a long-lasting bright, white smile. Luckyfine kit is of the highest quality; its whitening formula has been proven to be quick and effective. In addition to whitening one’s teeth, it can also strengthen and nourish them, making them sparklier [4].

8. Hollywood iSmile USB teeth whitening KIT

This kit packs a 16-LED USB with 3 connectors (for iPhone, Android, and others) and a 4 ml whitening gel pen. After using the kit, one should expect visible results in 10 minutes and up to 7 times whiter teeth in no time. It is very easy to use and has no sensitivity issues. It is also quite easy to clean – just rinse quickly with water (do not immerse). The whitening gel pen allows for a gentle rub of the whitening gel. Avoid eating or taking any liquid for 30 minutes after use. We recommend going through the entire treatment (10 uses) over two weeks. One can also repeat the treatment every two months.


The kits often promise to restore one’s teeth to their natural white, which means that for people with natural yellowish teeth, all that the kit will do will be to oust surface stains.

Many kits also promise that they can achieve 3-4 degrees of whitening. Still, hand-on users have reported unfavorable outcomes, obtaining results far from what was promised. The bottom line is one has to be careful about what they go for; do some research that will serve as a guide to choosing the most suitable solution.

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