Stop Spending So Much on Mattresses – New Companies Are Offering the Same Quality for Less Money!

Stop Spending So Much on Mattresses – New Companies Are Offering the Same Quality for Less Money!

If you’ve been using your mattress way longer than you should, we don’t blame you because mattresses can be quite expensive to replace, or at least that’s how things used to be. Nowadays, new companies are disrupting the market and bringing prices down while offering the same or even better quality. You no longer need to put off your purchase and risk your health with an uncomfortable or worn out mattress; you can reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep even if you’re paying less.

The Process of Buying a Mattress Has Changed Thanks to Startups

New mattress companies have quickly changed the whole shopping process. Instead of having to go into a store and listen to a sales pitch, you can now order what you want online and have it delivered. Initially, industry experts thought this was something that wouldn’t get picked up, but they were wrong. The companies willing to make a change ended up providing real value to customers through new materials, designs, and different sizes aimed at improving sleep which saw their stock rise. Best of all, they reduced prices and offered improved terms – mattresses starting at $500 with a 3-month trial period with a money-back guarantee are now common.

Mattress Technology Has Improved Significantly

While traditional mattresses and most of those available in brick and mortar stores use a coil and spring design, newer models from various startups use more advanced materials. This includes a number of different memory foam[1] layers combined with high-density cores made out of foam or foams with infused gels. The advantage of memory foam mattresses is that they don’t exert as much pressure on your body which is perfect for chronic conditions. And even if coils and spring designs make up the majority of products on the market, you don’t have to follow the heard and buy one; better and more affordable products are available.

Pay Less for a Better Quality Mattress

Memory foam is an invention that came out of NASA to help astronauts overcome the strong gravitational forces involved with launching a rocket into space. After a while, the technology began to transfer over into the consumer and medicine product industries. Now, about 20% of mattresses produced use memory foam.

Besides providing relief for pressure points, latex or memory foam mattresses also help support your posture during sleep which lessens back problems. Every sleeping position is possible on a foam mattress and there are many degrees of firmness to choose from. Bottom line, startup mattresses are simply better made in comparison to traditional in-store products and you can buy them for less.

New Mattress Companies Save You Money

One thing in common for all mattress startups [2] is that they save you money while giving you lots of options at more than competitive prices. But the savings they pass onto you aren’t only related to the mattress itself. Remember, renting a huge retail space, stocking it with products, and hiring employees cost a lot. Guess who has to pay for that? Thus, for your next mattress, forget about the traditional coil and spring products and physical stores. Instead, look for online retailers that save you time and money, and offer many options while letting you compare prices quickly.



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