Over-Eating? Here’s Why You Should Think About Gastric Bypass Surgery

Over-Eating? Here’s Why You Should Think About Gastric Bypass Surgery

Despite an abundance of different diets and programs, some people just can’t shed the pounds no matter how hard they try. If that’s the case for you, you might be eligible for gastric bypass surgery. Here’s why this approach could be an excellent option.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Almost Guarantees Weight Loss

A successful procedure reduces the total volume of your stomach which means you’ll eat way less and feel fuller sooner. If you over-eat, you’ll most likely vomit the excess food. According to WebMD, you can expect to lose about 60% of your extra weight within 12 to 18 months. [1] A gastric bypass can also keep you lean over a longer period of time. Note though that you have to change your habits when it comes to eating and exercise to be successful.

Many Health Insurance Companies Cover Gastric Bypasses

Obesity Coverage writes that gastric bypass surgery costs $23,000 which is not something most people can afford. [2] Luckily, many health insurance plans have begun to include this type of procedure. Better yet, some states require that insurance companies pay for the surgery if you qualify. The best way to find out if you’re covered is to check your contract and policy. If you’re plan doesn’t cover weight loss surgery, you can switch to Medicaid or another provider.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Cure Type 2 Diabetes

The American Society For Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery states that a gastric bypass has been improves a wide array of health problems caused by obesity. [3] Moreover, a study by the Cleveland Clinic says that a gastric bypass can also help cure type 2 diabetes for some patients. Virtually every type 2 diabetic who gets the procedure can stop taking insulin for up to three years afterward. [4]

You Will Take Fewer Medications

Besides type 2 diabetes, patients struggling with obesity can suffer from heart disease, hormonal issues, inflammation, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. But with weight loss surgery, you can improve your health on multiple fronts and increase longevity. Furthermore, the International Journal of General Meidicine says that weight surgery patients end up taking fewer drugs for high blood pressure, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. [5]

Fertility Improves for Female Patients

Hormonal imbalances in women that hinder fertility – not to mentioned obesity that hinders sexual function – are improved with gastric procedures. This in term leads to better rates of pregnancy. However, female patients that take contraceptive medication orally should be aware that they may not be as effective because of reduced absorption in the GI tract.

A Gastric Bypass Might be for You

It’s best to speak with your doctor if you think that gastric surgery might be the best solution for you. Overall, this procedure is very safe, but every surgery has some risk involved. Don’t rush, take your time to consider the pros and cons.

If you want to find out more about gastric bypass surgery, begin your search today.

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