How to Get Part-time Cleaning Jobs

How to Get Part-time Cleaning Jobs

If you are looking for a job as a cleaner, know that it is a job for which there is currently a great demand and that it can be done in many different areas. You may not have thought much about it before, but this opportunity can really be pretty lucrative! Here is all the information necessary to undertake this activity.


What does a cleaner do?

A cleaner performs a job that many are quick to dismiss, but is truly of fundamental importance in our society. It is a profession required in each work organization and which you can carry out both as an employee and independently. Some basic requirements include: a desire to work, precision, and scrupulousness. It is a job that is not for everyone but that offers good employment opportunities and, over time, you will be able to reach adequate wages.

A cleaner can have very varied jobs, depending on where they are employed. Whether you work in a healthcare facility, or in a private home, you will perform different tasks. The lowest common denominator will be the cleaning of the premises and compliance with hygiene and health standards. As a cleaner, you will take care of cleaning and sanitizing living and working environments according to the rules established by the law, if you work at health facilities, or by the employer. The cleaning of offices or homes will be different from the cleaning to be carried out in environments such as hospitals, doctors’ offices or nursing homes but, in all cases, you will need to know the correct use of the various products and the safety rules related to them.

Requirements for becoming a cleaner

To become a cleaner it is not necessary to take training courses, you will be able to learn everything you need on the field. All you need is a great desire to work, a healthy physique, precision, reliability and punctuality. As a cleaner, you will need to be able to organize your work autonomously and profitably and have an excellent practical sense. It is also useful that you acquire an excellent knowledge of the products used for cleaning, the risks associated with their use and hygiene rules. 

Types of cleaners

As a cleaner, you can work on your own or be hired by companies or cooperatives. You can work in apartments for private employers, or you can take care of the cleaning of offices, healthcare or industrial facilities. The tasks to be performed in each of these situations are different and the working hours can be different as well. 


Housekeepers generally work during office hours, when employers are away from home, and often have a part-time job and work with multiple employers. Their duties are those of normal house maintenance. From washing windows to washing floors, washing and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens, doing laundry, drying clothes, ironing, dusting, all house cleaning activities will be the responsibility of the cleaner. If you want to work in this area you will be asked for great honesty, discretion, precision, ability to organize, and speed of execution.

Industrial cleaners

The cleaner in an industrial facility will have different tasks and working hours. If this is how you plan to work, then know that you will work at dawn or at the closure of factories and offices when the remaining staff is not present, and you will have to take care of cleaning the working environments. Your tasks will include sanitizing environments, such as canteens, toilets, offices and production areas. You may have to use more or less complex and more or less heavy machinery, for which you may need training. At the factory, you may have to clean the production machines, activities for which you will have to be trained.

Where Can You Find Cleaning Jobs?

You can begin obtaining cleaning jobs directly from your PC. If you are ambitious enough, you can load yourself with attractive opportunities in just a few hours of research. [1]


This website allows you to receive cleaning jobs quickly. It means you have to wait only a few weeks. 

They list people looking for jobs with complete pieces of information about the job requirement. According to this site, the general range for a cleaner is between $10-$20/hr. [2]


Indeed is a site for all kinds of jobs, but it has an excellent segment on cleaning jobs. Most of the cleaning jobs are located in the US, but there are different opportunities in the UK and Australia.

House cleaning tasks make an earning of around $500 per week, and there is an infinite inventory of new jobs every day. [3]


This website is perfect for those who are looking for cleaning jobs in the US and Canada. These cleaning jobs cover all the everyday housing tasks such as house sitting and packing.

The jobs can be made full or part-time. Many people are willing to pay quite a high price for your housekeeping services. [4]

Now that you have all this information, you’re definitely ready to embark on your new career as a cleaner. Remember, this is a job that, although it seems humble and not very specialized, is of essential importance and, in the face of a little resourcefulness and ability, it could lead you to results that exceed your expectations. Good luck in your search!


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