Bedroom Furniture Way More Affordable Than it Looks

Bedroom Furniture Way More Affordable Than it Looks

Furniture shopping for your bedroom can be overwhelming and not always very affordable. Sleeping comfortably leads to better health, productivity, mood, and rejuvenated energy levels, so it’s important to have a space designed perfectly for your own style and preferences. [ 1].

Ideally, you want a bedroom design that makes you feel comfortable, but that you can also afford. Here are some of our favorite pieces you can get without breaking the bank.


1. Linen Upholstered Platform Bed

Beds are essential furniture and the focal point of your bedroom. Most people often consider platform beds too expensive, especially linen upholstered beds with headboards. However, despite the excellent quality, great fabric, and appropriate stitching detail, these beds are very affordable. They come with a higher-end appearance with slats that hold the mattress but retail at affordable prices. Getting to assemble this type of bed is also very simple. You can find different examples of these kinds of beds at many online stores in various color patterns. The bed you see here came from Wayfair.

2. Bedside Table

Bedside tables are another essential furniture item that look  expensive in your bedroom, but don't need to cost that much. They are important in minimizing the clutter in your bedroom, from items such as phones, books, a glass of water, reading glasses, and much more. Investing in a good-looking bedside table will enable you to keep all the nightly essentials within reach. This particular table came from Pepperfry


3. Nolah Sleep LLC Mattress

Nolah Sleep LLC have the best mattresses for side sleepers. They even ranked #1 for side sleepers in 2020! if you're someone who sleeps on their side, you won't regret taking a look at this mattress.

4. Dressing Table

Although it might seem a luxurious installation, dressing tables are an affordable piece of furniture for those who need additional space in their bedroom. They are not only essential for getting ready in the morning but can also help in storing your make-ups. Dressing tables also have drawers for storing essential toiletries, thus eliminating the cluttered appearance of your bedroom[3]. This table is an example from Tokopedia



5. Comfortable Couch/Chair

If you need some sitting or relaxing space for some last-minute work before bed, consider having a chair or couch in your bedroom. Finding the best bedroom couch comes down to individual preference. Fortunately, you can find a variety from local stores and online retailers at pocket-friendly prices. This couch came from  ClassyClutter

6. A Nightstand

If you don’t fancy a bedside table, a nightstand is the best substitute. With a nightstand, you can be sure that your overnight items are well stocked for an assured uninterrupted sleep. They work just like bedside tables and can significantly elevate your bedroom’s aesthetic. However, ensure that you get a nightstand that ages well with your bedroom interior décor. This nightstand came from Home-Designing.

7. Latex For Less

Latex foam mattresses are highly comfortable, which is a big reason they're so popular. They're springy and bounce back once pressure lifts off of them, but they also contour to the body. They are ideal for sleepers who move a lot at night.


8. Floating Shelves

Another set of furniture that appears expensive in your bedroom is a set of floating shelves. They not only add undoubted dimension to the bedroom but also provide your knick-knacks some breathing space on your dresser. Depending on your choice, you can have excellently made floating shelves at an affordable price. These floating shelves can be found on Blibli

9. Bamboo Charging Station

Another amazing addition to your bedside table for organizing all your electronic devices is a bamboo charging station. This wooden piece of furniture will assure you of waking up to a clean and fully charged slate every morning. The bamboo stand hides all the cables, especially for those using multi-USB chargers, holds all your phones, watches, and the remaining space for additional devices. Consider purchasing this from Amazon or local retailers with such knowledge. There are many examples you can choose from, including on Amazon

10. Idle Sleep

If you are a tummy sleeper, make sure you have one that is comfortable enough so it does not cut your breathing. Idle Sleep are known for having great mattresses just for that. Their Hybrid mattresses are their best selling product and plus, you get to try the mattresses for 18 months! No one else does that.

11. Multilevel Jewelry Stand

You might think this is an expensive investment, but a framed multilevel jewelry stand is among the most understated of furniture items to complete your bedroom. The unit is simple enough yet sturdy to hold your entire collection of jewelry. Though it can be hard finding the best stand that fits all your pieces and fits on the dresser, you won’t regret the investment. You can find many different options on Amazon



12. Puffy Mattress

Puffy are known for their most comfortable mattresses and one of our favorite product is their Puffy adjustable base, which is so versatile! Adjustable bases can be very expensive, but Puffy has one that is as good as their quality and price.

13. Gold Bar Cart

Despite the gold coat finish, a gold bar cart is one of the cheapest yet most expensive-looking bedroom furniture pieces you should consider investing in. The furniture gives your bedroom a polished look, and you can use it to hold vintage accessories or other coveted belongings in your bedroom. They simply enhance your bedroom aesthetics, and you can find different styles at Wayfair.

14. Faux Fur Hairpin Bench

While this doesn’t have much additional functionality, installing a Faux fur hairpin bench can add some beauty to your bedroom. From its construction, you might think this is an expensive add-on. However, with its compact size, you can get this from various online stores at an affordable price. This bench can be found at Target


15. Bear Mattresses

Did you know that Bear Mattresses are known for their therapeutic beds? It has been clinically proven to promote restful sleep and increase energy, which is the perfect need for better sleep!

The Bottom Line

As you choose these bedroom furniture pieces, their cost shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Instead, prioritize your individual needs and bedroom style. Choose furniture that will last long as well as fit your bedroom space[4].



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